How can I prevent Brand24 from collecting mentions containing the specified keyword / phrase that aren’t related to my brand?

When the keyword that you need to monitor is generally popular and appears in various contexts, we recommend that you use both our Required keyword and Excluded keyword tool. This way, you can make sure you collect mentions relevant to your brand, and not about brand or products which may contain similar keywords. This can be especially useful when you’re trying to monitor a brand or product which is often referred to in short form, such as with Mac, which may be used in reference to either computers or cosmetics. The same goes for abbreviations of brand and product names. 

Here's an example.

If you want to monitor how many people talk about Mac computers and you don't narrow down your results, you'll probably get mentions of mac and cheese, MAC cosmetics, and Mac & Co Lawyers. You can exclude irrelevant results from your search by using Excluded keywords. Remember to separate your Excluded keywords with commas.

If you need help improving your project settings, reach out to our Customer Success Team. Here’s where you can find them:

Please note that if you’re trying to improve the settings of a pre-existing project, any changes you make now will not be applied to already collected results. If you want to remove these results from your mentions, you can do this by performing an internal search and then mass deleting these mentions via global actions. Read this post to learn how to do it.