How can I set up/use filters?

For an easy guide to applying filters, just follow the steps in this video:

Setting up filters:

For example, let’s look at a project monitoring “ControlAir”.

In the Dashboard, you can see a search box (with the magnifying glass symbol next to it):

In that window, you can enter any word you want and you will be shown only mentions containing that word. For example, if you enter "app", you will get this:

Now, if you want, you can save this filter by using the "Save current filter" button which is located in the filter setup menu on the right. It looks like this:

The new filter will be added to your list of filters (which you can find by clicking "Manage Filters"). This way, next time you need to find mentions with the word "app", you only need to choose your filter from the list, instead of entering that word in the searchbox manually again.

What if you want to take a look at the mentions which don’t include the word “app”? All you need to do is add “{not}” before “app” in the search box. Like this:

If you want to exclude more than one word, you need to add “{and}” after “app” and then add another word with “{not}” before it. Like this:

Another option is to view mentions including the words "app" or "eyesight". To do so, enter this in the search box: 


Now the project will look like this:

If you want to get results where both the words "apple" and "eyesight" are present, then you have to use this command:  


This is what the "ControlAir" project looks like with this kind of filter applied:

On the sidebar to the right of the project Dashboard, you can find several other filters like Filter by domain or Filter by author. To learn more about how they work, mouse over the question signs next to them.