How to count the number of mentions of a specific brand over a month?

Once you enter your brand name as a monitored keyword,  the tool starts picking up all the relevant mentions and presents the results in a dashboard. You can use a variety of filters to narrow down the results that matter to you the most.

You can specify a range of time you want to see the results from according to a few options available as well as a custom time frame you choose yourself.

I wouldn’t underestimate the value of  the most interactive and influential mentions. Chances are the influencers in your industry talk about you while you might not even be aware of this fact. This is the kind of interaction you want to engage and build a relationship that will foster the process of growing your community.

Historical data is limited, though, so if you’re planning to monitor a marketing campaign promoting your brand, it’s better to set up a project a few days before the launch. 

Monitoring is just one of the features, and it’s the analytics that you might find even more valuable. Estimated social media reach and a number of mentions are crucial metrics to keep track of as they indicate how many people might have possibly come across the messages mentioning your product. On top of that, you get to see  the number of interactions such as likes, shares and comments, so it’s a lot easier to prioritise which mentions you should take care of in the first place. Sentiment analysis evaluates whether they talk good or bad things about you. You should bear in mind that regardless of the tool, it still needs human evaluation as it’s still difficult for the tools to properly identify sarcasm, for instance.

At the end of the day, it's a paid tool, but with the  free trial, Brand24 lets you take a free spin around the block so you can decide if you want to take it home and make it your own!