How to track hashtag popularity over time?

You’ll probably find a number of tools that will help you with that. We're the most acquainted with our very own and although it’s a slightly biased recommendation, we believe it’s well worth having a look at.

Once you set up a monitoring project, you’ll be able to track a hashtag or any other keyword and see its development over time graphically. With that being said, you’ll be able to track all the trends related to the hashtag, with all the spikes and dips in the frequency of mentions. After the tool starts collecting all the relevant results, the data is reflected on the graph in the top section of the dashboard:

You can filter the results according to specific sources, which is a pretty useful feature if a user wants to see Twitter mentions only, for instance. You can tweak the time frame according to your needs and analyze the number of mentions, estimated social media reach, as well as interactions such as likes, shares, and comments for the monitored keywords. The tool also processes the sentiment of all the collected mentions so that you could see if the context of discussions containing a hashtag is positive or negative. On top of that, you’ll be able to easily recognize how influential the people mentioning a particular hashtag are. Thanks to the influence score filter, you’ll be able to quickly sieve through all the posts from people with little following and influence and figure out the ways to engage and maximize interactions with those from high-profile authors.

Historical data is limited, though, so the collected data for a particular hashtag will be the most accurate from the moment of creating a project. You can also export all your collected data to a .pdf and .xls files as well as infographics.

Have a look at the free trial and check the capabilities of the tool yourself (with the support of our awesome team, of course!)