How to count all the tweets in a certain hashtag in a given period of time?

If you plan to start a campaign or competition based on hashtags it's good to start a monitoring project before the campaign will be running. Your project you can set up right now  here.

It’s easy to use online tool which gives you an instant access to all public mentions on the Internet related to keywords you set, and allows you to track topics and conversations, join them and engage. It collects mentions from all over the web, from social media (including Twitter of course) to influential authors and websites.

This is how mentions page looks:

Also it gives you very interesting analyzes and allows to compare projects and data. Here is a screen of analyzes page with sentiment, reach and influence graphs:

This tool works great with hashtags and collect data form all over the Internet. The best effect you can achieve by setting up the project before launching your campaign. Then you will be sure that you will have all data in one place, looking clear, easy to use and export (.xls or .pdf).

During the campaign features like real time notifications or slack integration also will be very very helpful.

Check the  free trial and see how it will work for you!