How to conduct a hashtag research?

 Application for internet monitoring would be a good choice.

It is great solution when you provide hashtag contest or campaign in multiple channels (included twitter, instagram, pinterest).
It’s really helpful and time saving tool.

Brand24 allows you to track every public mention across the Internet. You decide if it’s a regular keyword, set of keywords, or a hashtag. All mentions you can see in the Mentions tab:

This tool also shows statistics for your keywords and mentions as reach, influence, sentiment, shows a list of influencers, sources, shares. And generate some good looking statistic charts:

In Sources tab you can see the list of most influential authors (people and pages), sort them by reach, influencer score, share of voice, etc. 

In Analysis you will find:

  • number of results, social media results, and results beyond social media,
  • estimated social media reach,
  • number of social media comments,
  • number of positive and negative mentions,
  • number of results from fb, blogs,
  • division by sentiment,
  • and more.
  • You can also compare projects, print a .pdf report, save data as .xml or create an infographic.

Brand24 offers you also more useful features, like:

  • Storm Alerts which will notify you of sudden changes in mention volume or social media reach. These reports include the most significant mentions and buzz volume stats.
  • Daily and weekly email reports,
  • Slack integration which allows you to view your company mentions directly in Slack.

It’s extremely helpful tool, so check the  free trial, and see how it will work for you!