Your Brand24 Sentiment Identification has just increased accuracy from 58% to a whopping 93%! 

What does this mean for you? Well, do you care about your clients?

When you see your business has 100 new mentions a month, it's super important what those mentions are saying. Not all spikes in mentions are good spikes. (as you can see below)  

Not only reacting to negative mentions of your business is important, but the speed of your reaction is key. 

57% of your customers that share negative comments about your business expect a response within an 60 minutes! 

Your Brand24 account is now your online 24/7 PR team member. Letting you know instantly, as soon as positive or negative mention of your brand happens online.

P.S. Remember that 88% of your future customers will check what your customers write about you, before they buy your product. Make sure they see you care, by reacting to both positive and negative comments about your brand.  

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