Firstly, you need to go to Project Settings (left side under specific project) and then find Notifications tab and then hit Add more notifications

You can play with the settings here - choose email address you'd like to receive alerts for, frequency of them or apply any filter saved in your project. You can also set notification to be sent into mobile app or your regular mail box.

Hit Save and you're all set !

Hint: if "send notifications once there this many results" equals 1, then you'll receive mail about each new mention showing up in your project!

Each new project has default settings, so email notifications are sent to the address you entered during your registration. You can change this by following the steps above :)

Looking for more reports and notifications?

We've also got some great options like our storm alerts and daily/weekly reports.

Check out their tutorials here:

Storm Alerts
Daily/Weekly Reports

Or if you prefer to get your mentions delivered directly to Slack, check out this quick guide:

Slack Integration

You can also find step by step tutorial below

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