Whilst we already categorize your mentions for you, offer the ability to focus on the most popular mentions first, we understand that some of your keywords might generate a lot of buzz, meaning finding what you want can seem like a daunting task.

Cue your additional filters:

If you look on the right hand side of your mentions centre you'll find a variety of ways to filter your mentions to get the results you're looking for

Sentiment filter

Brand24 uses super smart neural network sentiment analysis algorithms (*aaaand breathe*) to determine whether a mention is positive or negative. You can slide this filter to active this analysis.
Lot of our clients use this to identify any negative reviews they need to engage with.

Influencer Score Filter

You can narrow down your results to see mentions from authors with specific Influencer Score on a scale from 1 to 10. The higher the number, the more trustworthy the source is. 

Interactions Filter

You can narrow down your results on how popular mentions are based on number of shares, likes or comments they got. 

Visits Filter

You can filter your mentions based on number of visits from sites using operators more than, less than and exactly.

Domain Filter

Using this filter, will help you go through collected mentions from specific website e.g. reddit.com, twitter.com etc. You can use more than one domain in your search using operators {OR}, {AND} or exclude some websites using operator {NOT}. 

Authors Filter

If you need to go through mentions created by specific author or few of them or exclude some of them - this is where you can do it. So, for example, you can exclude your own social handlings from results here.

Tags Filter

Quickly jump to the mentions you added tags to

Mentions Order Filter

If you set this filter to recently created, your results will be ordered by the time when the mention was created on the Internet. By selecting recently found, your results will be ordered by the time when the mention was added to your Brand24 project.

Date Filter

You can set the dashboard to display only new results.

Visited Filter

Using this filter will help you to divide mentions for the ones that you visited or did not - you can tell the difference by symbol of an eye displayed in the corner. 

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