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If you are here, you are looking for leads. I will show you in 5 minutes, 4 different ways Brand24 can provide you with warm, qualified leads.

1. Reply to the people who are talking about you. 

This sounds obvious right? You are here to find some smart, growth hack. Surely this can't be it. Stay with me here, you'll see!
Only 3% of business mentions are tagged on social media. I'm sure the person overlooking your social media channels are passing inbound questions to your sales reps, or maybe you are handling them yourself.
But what about the mentions you don't know about?

Let me use Pipedrive (CRM Tool) as an example. 

Here are consumers considering to use Pipedrive. Even being recommended by customers, but Pipedrive doesn't engage the conversation. 

When 60% of consumers are pleasantly surprised when a brand engages a conversation, Pipedrive are missing a huge chance of turning these maybes into sales. Not to mention thanking people for the recommendations in the process.

2. Tracking your competition

The idea of this is something everyone understands, but where they fall is the execution.
This is about generating a qualified list of leads. They are super qualified because they use your competition. 

We're not just looking for disgruntled users giving us the opportunity to jump in and save the day like here (even though this can be a great way to find new customers)

But look here...
I used Brand24 to track the keyword 'ClickMeeting' (an online meeting and webinar provider), and instantly I was rewarded with mentions from 437 of their clients who share that they are using ClickMeeting. What's even better, is this list refreshes everyday! So the lead's keep coming in.

If they're using ClickMeeting, they could use any other meeting / webinar provider.
But this is where most people lose what to do next.

Here is my lead. STOP. Don't do it, I know it's tempting, but the idea is not to pitch them in the same thread. It'll come across douche'y. Kinda like cold calling people at 8pm (you know who you are).

What you do is turn this person into a lead, as you would if you qualified this person via downloading a white-paper, or from your website. But instead of having their email or phone. You have their social profile. And you can follow them, build relationships on a channel you are sure they use, because it's where you found them

What's amazing about this step is that it cost me 1 keyword, and I got 611 leads. $49 per month, for 611 qualified leads. That's like $0.08 a lead. Where else can you find that sort of price per lead? (Challenge accepted and complete)

3. Track the problem you solve

23,000+ people a month write on Social Media 'Can Anyone Recommend' Find the people that end that sentence with what you do :) 

60% of these go unanswered. How crazy is that, because i'm sure that every social media management program is bidding on google for the keyword 'Social Media Management'. Don't miss the low hanging fruit.

4. Track your industry events

This is your bonus growth hack :). If you are like Brand24 there are probably 20 events around the world you would like to be involved in. But time and money are sometimes stopping you from being everywhere you would like to be.

Here's your growth hack. Track the event hashtag in Brand24.
Check out this great example. One of the top social media marketing conferences is Social Media Marketing World. We were lucky enough to attend, but even so, we obviously didn't get the chance to meet everyone at the event. But what is great about conferences is they promote their own hashtags. In this case #SMMW. 

So here you can obviously see the peak around the event. But we can be quite sure that if someone is attending SMMW, then there is a good chance they would find Brand24 valuable.
So just like in the step 2, we can add all these people posting on social to our CRM and our Customer Success Team can engage them and introduce them to Brand24 when the time is right.
26,000+ Leads without leaving my chair :) 


You can do everything I mentioned above within a $99 Brand24 account. Literally 1000s of untapped leads that are qualified, and have a proven comms channel you can engage them on.
Both the CAC and ROI for this business channel will by far be more effective than Google Ads.
To test this out, head to your account today and start a project tracking one of the 4 things (or.. track them all!)
Either way, let our team know via the Blue Chat Button in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard if you need any help, advice or just want to chat :)

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