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What to watch today?

Brand24 team recommend:

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Here’s the list of TV series our team voted for:

  1. Friends, obviously.

  2. The Office - it's great every time I watch it. (that's what she said)

  3. Brooklyn nine nine

  4. Monty Python

  5. Derry Girls

  6. The Witcher

  7. Sense8

  8. Chef's Table

  9. The Last Dance

  10. Chasing Mavericks

  11. Twin peaks

  12. Breaking bad

  13. Trailer Park Boys

  14. Suits

  15. Casa de Papel

We hope you can find something for yourself on that list!

Still nothing? You’re crazy, but drop us a line and we’ll find something!

PS. Binge-watching is totally acceptable!

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