Trending links is a section you can find in the Analysis tab. It’s a set of links which appeared most often in your project.

The section presents up to one hundred unique links and an estimated number of times they appeared in your project. We are able to measure the number of times a given link has been posted within your mentions, even if the author used link shortener before posting.

The purpose of Trending Links is to show you which external content is most popular within your project. All the links are clickable, so that you can easily check where they lead to.


Can I change the period of time to see Trending Links for different months?

Yes, you can adjust the time period to your preference.

Can I filter sources in order to find what are the Trening Links for Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc?

No, Trending Links is a report presented as is, it cannot be modified other than with the time filter.

Can I export Trending Links into my PDF report?

No, at the moment this function is not available, but this may change in the future.

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