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What is the Reputation Score?
What is the Reputation Score?

Reputation Score helps to measure brand/topic online reputation at a given time.

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How do we calculate Reputation Score?

The two most significant Reputation Score contributors are the sentiment analysis and total reach of mentions (based on impressions they potentially generated). The better sentiment and reach - the more substantial the Reputation Score.

What values does the Reputation Score range?

Reputation Score operates on a scale from -100 to 100, where -100 is extremely bad and 100 is extremely good. Changes in this Reputation Score value are due to changes in the balance in number and reach of mentions with positive and negative sentiment. When positive mentions outweigh negative ones, the Reputation Score value is going to grow.

How often do we calculate the Reputation score?

The result is determined for each day, based on the sum of the amount of data for the previous week. It is also possible to select a weekly or monthly range on the chart - daily data are then averaged.

What do I get with this information?

In a very few words, you’ll be able to see how your keywords are seen by the people who talk about them.

The bigger reach and better sentiment - the better the score is a.k.a your company reputation. You’ll be able to see the value of that score (blue line on the chart) and predict if your reputation will grow or fall.

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