Oh yes, that’s the tricky part, and it’s totally up to you!

You can create a project with one keyword and you can create a project with 5 keywords if needed.

What do we recommend?

If you create a project about one brand, we suggest you keep the relevant keywords together - so the entire project could be about this one brand. As you can see below, all Adidas-related keywords are under each other in one project.

If you’re looking to monitor your own brand and one of your competitors, we suggest creating two separate projects, so you can easily access data and compare it without additional effort!

To add another project simply click on the “plus” sign:

and add all the keywords that you want :)

To sum up: keeping separate brands, topics, or even clients (when you manage several of them with Brand24) in separate projects can only benefit you by saving time, keeping your work organized and it looks better this way ;)

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