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Exclude website or social media author
Exclude website or social media author

Learn why and how to exclude websites or social media authors from being tracked.

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Why exclude websites or authors?

If we pick some mentions that have no relevance to your project, or there are authors who generate the so-called ‘junk mentions’, you can fix it within seconds.

How to exclude websites or authors?

Choose the mention you’d like to get rid of and hit 'Delete':

If you’d like to block the author, go with 'Delete and Block' or report spam.

Et voilá!

Where to see excluded websites or authors?

Please keep in mind that for every project, exclusions work separately. To check what domains or authors were excluded from the project, simply enter your project settings, and switch to the 'Sources tab':

How to reverse exclusion?

Enter your project settings, switch to the 'Sources tab', and hit ‘delete filter’:

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