Topic Analysis
What is it and how can it help me with my projects?
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What is Topic Analysis?

Topic analysis is a text analysis method that allows you to identify and distinguish various topics present in a collection of internet mentions. It enables the analysis of hundreds, or even thousands, of articles, social media posts, or comments, which would be impossible with traditional manual analysis.

Using appropriate AI algorithms, it is easy (or not ;) ) to identify and extract topics, keywords, and emotions related to a particular subject. This makes it more convenient to track:

  • which topics are the most popular and important in the context of your project,

  • which words and phrases are most commonly used,

  • what emotions are associated with a given topic.

Why would I need it?

By using topic analysis, you can, for example:

  • track the most important trends in the industry,

  • see what problems are affecting your customers,

  • analyze what their (customers) expectations are for your company.

This makes it possible to tailor marketing and PR activities to the needs of our customers and propose solutions that meet their needs.

Additionally, topic analysis allows you to monitor the most important communication channels based on the categories in which a particular topic is discussed. This enables you to adapt your PR activities to the preferences of your audience and utilize the channels that are most important to them.

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