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Tracking Your Competition - Lead Generation

If you read my article on how to generate leads, you will know this but if not, here it is again.

The idea of this is something everyone understands, but where they fall is the execution. This is about generating a qualified list of leads. They are super qualified because they use your competition. 

Now we are not only looking for disgruntled users who we can swoop in for and save the day like here

But look here. I track online meeting and webinar provider ClickMeeting. Each month I have 437 of their clients who share that they are using ClickMeeting. 

If they use ClickMeeting, they could use any other meeting / webinar provider. But this is where most people lose what to do next.

Here is my lead. Now the idea is not to pitch them in the same thread. It would be douche. Kinda like cold calling people at 8pm (you know who you are).

What you do is turn this person into a lead, as you would if you qualified this person via downloading a whitepaper, of from your website. But instead of having their email or phone. You have their social profile. And you can follow them, build relationships on a channel you are sure they use, because it's where you found them

What's amazing about this step is that it cost me 1 keyword, and I got 437 leads. $49 per month, for 437 qualified leads. That's like $0.10 a lead. You can't beat that anywhere else.

When using one of your keywords to track your competitor, you also are able to find out what content is trending around them, with the most likes shares and comments. Your content and social teams will tell you, coming up with trending, hot topics isn't easy and can be trial and error. But if a topic is hot for your competitor and their audience, why wouldn't it be hot for you. In your analysis center, you can find the most viral content around your competition. Here i'm using Appcues as an example.

Knowing that a webinar between appcues and mixpanel covering the topic of on boarding and dashboard engagement is something your content could easily duplicate. Saving them a ton of time. 

Furthermore here, you can see the trending hashtags around Appcues and their word cloud. A literal cheat sheet for your Instagram team when trying to get more eyes on your product

Tracking Your Competition - Influencer and Partnership Marketing 

Very similar to the last benefit, if you head back to your Analysis Center. On top of learning which content drives the most interest, now we want to focus on the WHO. Who is sharing content, who is recommending your competitor's product and services. We want to know this because this again will really help you to focus on WHO is a good target as an influencer for your business. Not only knowing they are an influencer, but that you can see they market similar businesses. 

Now you have a list by importance of the influencers and businesses that cross promote your competition. Get connected to them, and start building relationships so you can benefit from similar exposure to your brand as your competitor gets. Don't waste any more time trying to get GavyVee to give you a shout out. This list is proven and will get you moving way faster. 


All this can be achieved from ONE keyword, and you can be doing this for MULTIPLE competitors, maximizing your return. Start tracking your competition in your Brand24 here now.

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