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How do I set up my first project?
How do I set up my first project?

How can you set up my first keyword monitoring?

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Creating your first project is super easy!

Click the 'Add new project' button:

You'll be directed to the site where you can add a brand name, competitor's name, or any other topic you want Brand24 to monitor. 

You can monitor a few keywords within one project. Separate them with commas and let us do the magic ;) Note! The number of keywords depends on your Pricing plan,

When you hit 'Next', you'll be able to choose the language of the project:

If you don't change anything, we'll collect mentions in 'All languages' by default. You can change that setting later if you need - you can do that under 'Project settings' in your project.

Click on 'Create project' and wait for your results to show up in the dashboard!

Hopefully, that clears that up for you! But if you have any other questions, feel free to contact our live Customer Success team, we will be more than happy to help you set your project up.

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