Just like this article, connecting with your audience is quick and easy in Brand24.

Setting Your Self Up

(if you're already monitoring your brand, you can skip this part)

First things first, let's make sure you're all set with a 'Brand Monitoring' project. If you've not already done this, head straight to the project creation wizard, input your companies name and click next (the hard part is already over..)

In just a few short moments you'll see mentions of your business from all over the internet loading in your dashboard:

Engage Your Audience

This is the part you skip to 👋

So what's next?
It's as simple as just clicking 'engage' on your mentions, and jumping right into the conversation with your audience.

Because Brand24 is collecting from a wide variety of public sources, you'll see mentions from blogs, forums and sites that you didn't know existed, giving you the opportunity to learn more about where your customers/communities discuss your brand.

The Real Reason You're Here

Why Should I Engage?

  1. Replying to your customers keeps them happy.
    It's estimated that 51% of people who mention a business are more likely to be a repeat customer if the brand replies to them.

  2. Your Future Customers are watching.
    8 out of 10 people
    admit to 'Googling' a company before purchasing with them for the first time. Not engaging with current customers who are experiencing issues with your product or service will affect your future profits.

  3. People Trust People
    With 84% of consumers trusting recommendations from friends and strangers over other marketing channels, it's important to ensure that your replying to your customers before they get the chance to spread the word 'offline'. 

Using Brand24 you'll be able to not only protect your brands reputation online, but also drive sales by simply replying to your audience.
With an estimated 97% of mentions of brands online being 'un-tagged' it's vital that you're equipped with a Media Monitoring tool (*cough* like Brand24 😉) to capture the entire conversation.

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