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What type of Instagram data does Brand24 offer?
What type of Instagram data does Brand24 offer?

Learn more about what data you can collect from Instagram in your Brand24 account

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If you haven't had a chance to already - Set up your Facebook/Instagram Data integration

Brand24 now helps you to collect some of the publicly available Instagram mentions via our dedicated integration. To start your integration, you are required to authorize your account using your Instagram Business or Creator Account.
Once you have completed your integration setup, Brand24 will be able to collect public mentions from Instagram, including:


  1. Mentions containing monitored hashtag

  2. Mentions, where the hashtag is present in the comments section (we collect the post, not the comment under the post)

  3. Mentions where the integrated profile is pinned

  4. Reels with the hashtag in the video's description

  5. Reels where the integrated profile is pinned


  1. Quantity of likes

  2. Quantity of comments


You can now manually add Instagram accounts to monitor within your projects. Simply go to 'Facebook & Instagram Sources' in the project settings and enter the URL of the Instagram account you want to keep an eye on. You only need to add a profile once, and we will track mentions across all your projects.


We hope this article has been useful to you! If you have any further questions or need help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via email at or send us a message using the chat box on the bottom-right side of your dashboard.

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