1. Your brand monitoring. Thanks to Brand24, you can get to know the opinions of customers or partners, who talk about you on the Internet and react quickly. Research shows that 71% of internet users who had a positive interaction with a company are much more likely to come back and recommend it to others. So don’t sleep on the chance and interact with your audiences right now!

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2. Improve your customer service. Using social media gives you a chance to get closer to your audiences, so you can listen and solve their issues. But did you know that in over 96% of cases where a business is mentioned, but not tagged, remain unanswered? Thanks to Brand24, you will learn your customers’ pain points, even if they haven’t tagged you or mentioned you somewhere you wouldn’t look.

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3. PR crisis prevention. The Internet makes brands much more vulnerable to potential crises. The key is to find out about it as soon as possible and react accordingly. One of the great advantages of working with Brand24 is the sentiment analysis. It will allow you to instantly find negative mentions about your business and thanks to our alerts, you will be notified immediately.

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4. Industry monitoring. Brand24 will allow you to quickly spot current trends, contact experts or identify the most interesting topics. You can use these insights to create a marketing strategy, find inspiration for content or influencers to cooperate with.

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5. Competition monitoring. Thanks to tracking your competitors you can get to know your business rivals better. You can check what their customers think about them, how they deal with negative opinions and what marketing tactics they use. Priceless knowledge, isn't it?

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6. Tracking marketing activities. Are you running a hashtag campaign? Or maybe you want to measure the buzz around your brand? We’ll be happy to help! Our algorithms like Social Media Reach, Non-social Media Reach and AVE will estimate the number of people who have received content related to your brand and measure the effectiveness of the activities carried out.

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Beyond that, you can use Brand24 to boost your sales, brand image or to find the best channels to promote your product. Or… find the next big thing in the stock market! The only limit is your imagination! We hope you’ll find this knowledge useful, if you have any questions - let us know. We’ll be happy to optimize your projects or work together to create new ones!

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