Excel Report

How to create it and what’s in it.

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Why create an Excel report?

Excel reports are handy when you need to work further with your data, combine it with other sources’ data, or count some additional statistics based on them.

You may use it in some external tools or simply see the data in a more detailed version.

How to create an Excel report?

Go to the Mentions dashboard and pick the specific date range that you’re interested in. Then click on the Excel report in the left menu under the given project.

A pop-up will appear explaining that the Excel report's data access is limited (more about that below). Click on 'Download report'.

The report will be saved to your drive in the .xlsx format.

Please note that the information from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will be very limited since these platforms' privacy policies do not allow exporting mentions from there into the Excel reports.

Is that not enough, and you want to gain a deeper understanding of the monitored topic? Check out our article about custom reports!

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