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Custom reports and insights

So, you are looking for more insightful custom reports? You are in the right place!

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What are custom reports?

Our custom reports and insights allow businesses to get personalized reports and insights on their social media activity. Our analysts and researchers can analyze the online discussion data for you and deliver insights and recommendations in tailor-made reports.

With this feature, you can focus on specific metrics and data points that matter most and the company's business goals. This allows for a more targeted approach to social media analysis and a better understanding of the impact of online activity on brand reputation.

How is it different from PDF reports?

‘But wait, Brand24 already offers PDF reports, or am I missing something?’ you may ask. That is true. You can generate those for your Brand24 projects. Nothing changes here. But sometimes, you want to get more detailed insights. And with the limited time you have, it may be hard. This is where Insights24 comes to the rescue!

Our team doesn’t deliver a report but a complete analysis of online discussions about any brand, topic, or campaign you are interested in.

Our market research and reporting process is focused on providing the most valuable market insights tailored to your challenges and business goals. Our analysts provide comprehensive coverage, verification, and data analysis.

Furthermore, we continue beyond just delivering the report - we provide workshops before and after finalizing the report to ensure that we understand your business goals and strategy to provide valuable insights.

How can I use the reports?

Our clients use our analyses to:

  • verify hypotheses and launch new products

  • evaluate their offers among competitors

  • improve product quality and customer experience

  • plan communication strategy and marketing campaigns

  • evaluate the impact of strategic decision

  • mitigate crises

What will I get in the report?

Analyses vary depending on your business goals, so how the final report looks and what elements are included is also your decision.

Usually, the reports include:

  • Insights and recommendations tailored to your business goals

  • Deep analysis of the online discussion split by key metrics

  • Identification of the best and worst performing channels and topics to execute your digital strategy

  • Deep sentiment analysis is broken down by sources and topics

Can I see the example?

Sure, you can see the sample Netflix report.

Is this part of a Brand24 subscription?

No, it's a separate service not included in your Brand24 subscription plan. If you are interested in the deep analysis reports or you want to know more about it, visit the website:

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