Learn more about how to Connect your Brand24 account to Facebook and Instagram in this short guide or tutorial video

Start your integration by clicking on the 'Activate' button (highlighted in blue) below either the Facebook or Instagram category.

Upon clicking, you'll be directed to our Facebook & Instagram integration settings page.

Now click on the big blue button shown above (Connect Facebook and/or Instagram Account(s))

Upon selecting this a pop-up will appear, in which you will (if not already logged in) be prompted to log in. (This account must have admin level access to the IG profile & FB pages you want to connect Brand24 with and must be a Business/Creator account - for more info on how to switch your account to business/creator - watch this video

You will then be asked to choose the Instagram Business Account you want to use to collect public mentions. 

Upon clicking next, you will be asked to choose the Facebook Page you want to use to collect public mentions

Here is the list of all permissions. Please note Brand24 will not post to your Facebook Page or Instagram Business Account.

Once you've accepted these permissions and clicked 'Done' you'll be informed of your successful integration with Brand24:

Returning to your Facebook and Instagram integrations homepage
You'll notice that your account is now successfully integrated (as shown below)

To start collecting mentions for a specific project, visit the projects list

Click on 'Edit' to enter your project's settings

and select 'Facebook and Instagram Sources'.

Next to 'Instagram Sources' - Use the slide button to activate data collection from Instagram.

In the "Facebook Sources" section, please select Facebook Page you want to use to collect public mentions. 

And you're all set! Now visit the "Mentions Tab" to access collected mentions. 

Can I remove an existing integration?

Of course! To remove an existing integration at any time. Just visit our Facebook & Instagram Integration settings (which can be found via your Account Settings)

and click on the "bin icon" next to the integration you want to be removed. 

You can also remove the integration in your Business Integrations section in your Facebook account settings. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. Our Customer Success team is happy to answer any additional questions. 

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