What is social selling?

According to Hubspot: social selling is a situation when a salesperson uses social media to interact directly with their prospects. Salespeople will provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy.

What keywords should you use?

Did you know that the phrase “Can anyone recommend” was used over 24k times in March 2021? It’s one of the phrases you should include in your project:

When you have a project that tracks commonly used phrases from people who are looking for on-line recommendations, there are few different ways you can utilize it.

First one is to put your service keywords in the required keyword section. You can use commas in order to make the search more specific. Let’s say you’re a photographer based in San Diego and are looking for new clients in your city. This is how your project should look like:

You can expect such leads in your dashboard:

The other way of finding new leads is using Boolean operators in the Search Tab. Let’s say you own a restaurant network that operates in different cities and you want to recommend it to others that are looking for places to eat there. You can type such formula:


This way you’ll narrow down the results to mentions that contain: can anyone recommend + restaurant + one of those cities: London, Birmingham or Manchester. You can expect such leads in your dashboard:

Best practices for social selling

  • the best platforms for finding new leads and engaging are Twitter, Reddit and Quora

  • when you find potential customer, pitch them directly in the comment section rather than private message - this way you’ll boost your on-line presence and others will have the chance to notice your product or business

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