Yesss! Yes we do :)

There's a few places you can use it, the first time being your project setup:

  • required keyword - operator AND

  • excluded keyword - operator NOT

If you need more information about this, please go here :)

The next opportunity to use 'search filters' or 'boolean search filters' will be in your main mentions centre

By simply inputting a 'keyword' in this search bar - you can search within your collected mentions (please note this form of searching is temporary and won't affect future collections - so you can search as much as you like!)

If you want to search for more than one keyword in this search bar you can narrow down your results with different variation of search such using {curly brackets} and operators such as

  • {AND}

  • {OR}

  • {NOT}

  • {IS}

For example, your main keyword is Tesla and you're looking for car reviews about that brand, so you can use car{AND}review to narrow down your results for those specific phrases used together within your results

If you want to go through mentions covering tesla and car but not checking the reviews, you'll need car{AND}{NOT}review typed in the search bar

If you want to check in your results mentions covering reviews or prices of Tesla, then you can use reviews{OR}prices

You can also use operator {IS} if one your keyword is TeslaCar and you want to go through the mentions that only cover Tesla, just like this

You can save such search for later use, using Save current filter on the right side

This way, there's no need to put the search each time you wish to check those mentions.

HINT: Filters are saved for each account user - so if you set it for yourself, your friend won't see it!

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