Storm Alerts

Learn what storm alerts are and how to set them up accurately.

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What are storm alerts?

Storm alerts are instant notifications that let you know as soon as your mentions volume or social media reach changes by a given percentage. They are turned on by default, but you can easily turn them off. You can also adjust the numbers to your specific needs.

Why set up storm alerts?

Storm alerts are a perfect feature for everyone dealing with PR, branding, and reputation, but not only. They allow you to be informed about any big changes the moment they happen and to react immediately

Mentions volume change: if you normally get 10 posts a day, and one day you receive 20, you will be informed (200% setup).

Social media reach change: If Justin Bieber says on Twitter that your brand sucks, you will be notified almost immediately. This functionality has saved many brands on countless occasions.

How to set up reports?

Go to your project options, and move to the Reports tab. Activate your alerts with the slide button and adjust the percentage to your preference. If you get the reports too often or too rarely, come back and tweak the numbers.

HINT: Finding the ‘sweet spot’ for storm alerts can take some time. Contact our support team to get insights on your particular use case.

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