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Everything about notifications
Everything about notifications

Set up custom notifications and be informed about all kinds of changes in your projects.

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What is the difference between notifications and reports?

Email reports show you a snapshot of the most relevant mentions along with some key metrics. Excellent if you’d like to know what’s cracking at a glance and not log into the platform every day.

Notifications are alert setups based on the filters of your choice. They inform you about the most important events happening in your Brand24 account.

How to set up notifications?

Go to your project settings, and move to the Notifications tab. Click the ‘Add new notification’ button and fill in the following fields:

Email address: select an email address you’d like the notifications to be sent to

Frequency: choose how often you’d like to receive notifications

Filter: choose/create a filter that will trigger the notification

Send notification once there are this many mentions: if you’d like to be notified about all new mentions - leave the field blank. If you decide to pick a number, please note that there must be more mentions than this number - e.g., you’ve picked 10 - this means we’ll inform you when there are 11 mentions.

Notification type: you can receive those via email or the Brand24 mobile app (you can download it for iOs or Android).

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