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How to start collecting LinkedIn Data?
How to start collecting LinkedIn Data?

Summary of the most important LinkedIn integration information

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The integration process is very similar to the well-known Facebook/Instagram integration - go to

Next, click “Manage LinkedIn connection” and follow the steps indicated in the pop-up.

You will be notified if the integration was successful or not.

If everything goes well, you will be able to add LinkedIn profile monitoring in the 'Additional Sources' tab in the project settings.

Note! Just as in Facebook/Instagram integration, you need to add this source to each project separately.

Important notes: We can gather only data from organizational profiles (own posts and comments) you or one of Brand24 users have LinkedIn 'superadministrator' rights to.

I do not have 'superadministrator' rights - what should I do?

LinkedIn is integrated per account, therefore you need to ask someone that is also a Brand24 user in a given account with 'superadministrator' LinkedIn priviliges to go through the integration process. Once that is done, you can add LinkedIn in Additional Sources to your projects.

I have found a mention from a profile different than mine - why is that so?

Some mentions that are publicly available can come from different sources than the LinkedIn integration. In such cases you will be able to see them in Brand24 but they are not linked to the integration process.

Can I remove an existing integration?

Of course! To remove an existing integration at any time, go to, or click the plug-in button.

Click on the 'bin' icon next to the integration you want to be removed.

You can also remove an integration just for single projects. Just repeat the first two steps of LinkedIn integration for set-up projects.

And then click on a 'bin' icon.

You will be notified that the integration was removed. That is it!

We hope this article has been useful to you! If you have any further questions or need help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us via email at or send us a message using the chat box on the bottom-right side of your dashboard.

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