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Benefits of Media Monitoring
What value each Brand24 indicator can give you?
What value each Brand24 indicator can give you?

A short guide to Brand24 metrics and their use.

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a vast amount of data and come across numerous mentions but lacked an understanding of their broader significance?

Here's a short guide on how to analyze specific metrics and extract valuable insights for your brand.

Total reach

Are you interested in how many people saw the mentions of your brand online? That is how total reach works.

  • It gives a snapshot of which content or topics generate the highest reach. It works not only for your brand but also you can monitor your competitor's behavior and indicate events that influenced the highest reach of mentions.

  • Thanks to that, you can select events that lead to growth/decline, select periods of growth/decline, and make conscious decisions for your marketing strategy.

  • By identifying what generates the most reach and engagement, you can better target your marketing efforts and allocate resources more effectively.

Mention/ reach volume

It's all about the mentions! If people are talking - you should know what they are talking about, where, when, and in which volume!

  • Thanks to this knowledge, you can identify periods of bigger or lower audience engagement, analyze the type of content posted, and use it for further action.

  • Moreover, you can confront the "power" of social and non-social media and their volumes. These observations' conclusions may lead you to change your marketing strategy. Or you will focus more on specific sources.

  • Oh, and also - you should benchmark that data against your competitors. You may be missing a gap, that your competitors are better aware of!

Presence Score

This score combines various metrics into one and shows in the general summary of your brand's online presence.

  • It will show you the periods when the discussions significantly increase or decline, which may impact the brand's online presence.

  • Comparing this metric to the competition range will give you valuable insights into market performance. For example, your competitor's brand has a higher Presence score than you do - have a look at their recent campaigns or their audience. They could have introduced a new solution to their product or started targeting different audiences.

  • Understanding why this metric grows or decreases can help you plan your next moves - what works best or not. It's important to answer why the brand's popularity changed during a specific period and what caused it. These insights can help the brand to stay competitive in the market, increase its customer base, and ultimately grow its business.

Sentiment Analysis

Our R&D department develops the algorithm of positive and negative sentiment. Those metrics allow you to see how people mostly talk about the brand, negatively or positively, in a given period.

  • With this information, they can take actions that will reduce the share of negative mentions, significantly improving the brand's reputation and increasing the number of customers. Going deeper, you can distinguish which topic was taken positively or negatively, so you can tailor the brand's messaging and content strategy to better align with the preferences of its audience.

  • This metric allows you to identify pain points, love points, potential threats, and opportunities.

  • What can you do more? Compare the results with competitors in terms of emotionally charged mentions and put these tips into practice.


AVE is a popular metric that helps to track and evaluate how much value you can get from PR/Marketing.

  • Analyzing decreases or increases can lead to a conclusion about the reasons behind those changes in a given period.

  • The higher AVE, the better, so knowing and including those factors in your daily activities allows you to minimize your costs or team effort.

  • AVE metric has more use cases, like comparing it with the size of competitors to see how they resonate with the target audience.

  • Internal use of analyzing the impact of influencer marketing campaigns versus paid advertising can help a company determine the most effective way to allocate resources and achieve the desired reach and engagement.

Now that you have a better understanding of the value you can get from specific indicators used in Brand24, you are equipped to make informed decisions for your brand.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our live Customer Success team. We will be more than happy to help you to get more insights from your project 🙂

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