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What is Geo Analysis and how can you turn it on.

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Geo Analysis is a powerful feature within Brand24 that allows users to gain insights into the geographic distribution of mentions. This article will explore how Geo Analysis works and its importance in understanding your online presence.

What Does the Map Show?

Brand24's Geo Analysis presents a visual representation of the geographic distribution of mentions for a chosen project. Users can select from the following options using the buttons below the map:

  1. Mentions - Displays the distribution of the number of mentions.

  2. Reach - Reveals the distribution of reach.

  3. Interactions - Shows the distribution of interactions.

How Is Coverage Calculated?

As you can see in the above photo, the mentions have been gathered for 47% of mentions. It means that Brand24 has successfully geolocated 47% of all mentions for a given project. At the same time, for a different project, it may be 80% or 6%.

And what about reach and interaction? Well, let's explain it on an example as well: when your total reach is 10k, and you have 70% reach coverage, it means we know where 7000 people you reached come from. It is the same for interactions. Only the base number is the number of interactions we gathered. And again, the reach and interactions can be gathered for 70%, but it can be 40% or 88%, too.

Why does this percentage differ, you may ask? Well, there are a few different factors that can influence this score. Here's what you need to know:

  • Different social media platforms provide varying levels of geo coverage. Some networks have better coverage than others, depending on the available geolocation data for a given project.

  • Our algorithms estimate where and how much reach has been generated from a particular mention and visually represent it on the map.

Access information

Geo Analysis is a feature accessible to our Pro and Enterprise customers :)

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