Monitor your clients reputation

With our sentiment analysis, you can quickly spot negative mentions about your client. Finding out about the possible threads as soon as they show up on-line will allow you to react to them quickly, which will minimize the potential risk of brand reputation damage.

Share insightful reports

Leverage our beautiful, customizable and automated reports. Create PDF reports with all major KPIs, most important mentions and influencers. As they’re whitelabel reports, you can customize it with your own logo.

Track campaigns

Measure the results of your marketing and PR campaigns. Track the reach, a number of mentions and changes in brand reputation. Track and analyze contests and campaigns based on hashtags. Find top influencers and measure social media reach. Track the virality of your campaign or a press release. Learn who is sharing information about your client’s brand.

Find industry influencers

With Brand24 you can find influential authors who can promote your clients business, or already do promote it. You can measure the impact of the content created by them.

Get new business leads

Reach out to people and companies that are looking for services you provide. With correct project setup for social selling project, you’ll be able to find such mentions:

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