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This is the place to go if you want to dig into data and numbers!

At the top, you'll find two tabs: one for the most popular mentions - this one is based on the interactions that those posts generated - and the second one for the most popular authors, which are based on the reach of their posts.

Next to it, on the top of the grid, you’ll be able to pick what time frames you’d like to analyze and, if needed, apply your filters:

On the grid, you’ll find some of our metrics prepared to help you understand the performance of your project better.

If you’re not sure what the metric does/means, check out other articles from the Analysis Tab section or simply point your cursor to the question mark on the relevant tile:

Scrolling down a bit and you can find the Presence Score and Reputation score. This one will be visible once we have enough data to calculate it for your brand:

Scrolling down a bit and you can compare what volume of mentions come from each type of source:

The next part of the Analysis is the Trending hashtag section - analyzed in real-time and based on the number of occurrences. Jump between pages to see them!

Below Trending hashtags, you’ll be able to find Trending links

Moving on - the next thing you’ll see is both - the most active/popular authors and the most active/popular sites. This will definitely help you out with the influencer search!

Then last but not least, the thing is the Context of a discussion. It’s a list of all the terms your audience uses in connection with your predefined keywords. Thanks to the colors, you can intuitively grasp the sentiment of those words (red for negative, green for positive sentiment, and grey is neutral).

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