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The Domain Filter lets you focus your brand monitoring efforts on specific websites or domains. This is especially useful when you want to keep an eye on mentions from a particular source or when you want to exclude specific websites from your monitoring.


  1. Access the Mention Tab: Log in to your Brand24 account and navigate to the Mention Tab.

  2. Apply the Domain Filter: On the right side of the screen, you'll find the filter section. Scroll down a little and select the "Domain" filter.

  3. Enter the Domain: Enter the domain or website you want to include or exclude from your monitoring.

  4. Apply the Filter: Click the blue button next to the domain you want to filter to see your refined results.


To include more than one domain in your search, please use the following operators: {AND}, {OR}, {NOT}. For example: {NOT}{AND}{NOT} - shows entries that do not come from Youtube nor Twitter.


  1. Focused Monitoring: When you are interested in monitoring specific websites, such as news outlets, social media platforms, or industry-specific blogs, the Domain Filter allows you to target your monitoring efforts with precision.

  2. Competitor Analysis: If you want to compare your brand's online presence with your competitors, the Domain Filter can help you isolate mentions from your competitors' websites. This enables you to understand their strategies and discover opportunities for improvement.

  3. Spam Filtering: Sometimes, your brand may get mentioned on websites that are irrelevant or even spammy. The Domain Filter helps you exclude such domains from your monitoring, ensuring you focus on high-quality mentions.

  4. Crisis Management: In a crisis or negative PR, you can use the Domain Filter to isolate mentions from influential sources, allowing you to prioritize your response to mitigate any damage.

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