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What is the Summary Tab?
What is the Summary Tab?

Everything you need to know about Summary tab

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This is the place where you'll find the most important and comprehensive information about data from your project.
At the top, you can change the date range for data displayed below and see the Presence Score of your project:

Below, you can see the tab that will show you the most popular or the latest mentions. The results are based on a number of interactions - so shares, comments, and likes.

On the right, you can check numbers and charts that compare the current and previous periods (i.e: Current Period: 1st December - 31st December, then Previous period would be 1st November - 30th November)

When you scroll down a bit, you'll be able to go through top public profiles and sites - based on the number of visits from the past month (or any chosen period before)

Then you can go through stats about your results and their sources

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