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Find out what are reports in Brand24, how are they different from notifications, as well as how to set these up.

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What are auto-reports?

Reports in Brand24 are daily or weekly updates of new mentions of your keyword(s). They are turned on by default, but you can easily turn them off. You can also set these up for your teammates.

What is the difference between notifications and reports?

Reports are the top mentions sent daily or weekly, along with all the most important numbers for a given project. These are perfect for people who don’t need to log into the tool every day, but they still need to be updated with the most important mentions on a daily or weekly basis.

Notifications, on the other hand, are perfect for users who need only specific information. Alerts on specific events are sent periodically. They are perfect for crisis management, companies who really care about their PR and need to know as soon as something important happens around their keyword.

How to set up reports?

Go to your project options, and move to the 'Reports' tab. Tick a given field that will send you daily or weekly reports straight to your email.

Once you click on the 'Add a new recipient' button, you can set these up the same way for your colleagues.

HINT: Reports are a great solution for people who do not visit Brand24 daily but still need to be updated with the most important mentions daily or weekly. If it’s not the case that seems to be relevant for you, and you need to work through each and every piece of information on the platform entering it every day, you can easily turn these off.

Is that not enough, and you want to gain a deeper understanding of the monitored topic? Check out our article about custom reports!

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