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AI-driven Anomaly Detector
AI-driven Anomaly Detector

What is it and how can it benefit you?

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What is an Anomaly Detector?

Brand24's Anomaly Detector is your brand's watchful protector, that uses advanced AI to analyze your project and scour the web on your behalf. The analysis results are conveniently presented under the exclamation mark icon on your chart, offering a detailed explanation crucial for understanding sudden spikes in reach or mentions.

This feature provides actionable insights into the reasons behind fluctuations in your brand's online presence, empowering you to make informed decisions and safeguard your brand's reputation in the dynamic digital landscape.

How can you use it?

Here are just a few examples of how you can benefit from Anomaly Detector:

  1. Monitoring Campaign Performance:

    • Use the Anomaly Detector to keep a close eye on your marketing campaigns. Sudden spikes or drops in mentions could indicate the effectiveness of your campaigns or potential issues that need immediate attention.

  2. Brand Crisis Management:

    • Detect anomalies in real time to identify any unexpected surges in negative mentions. This allows you to respond quickly to emerging crises, address concerns, and mitigate reputational damage before it escalates.

  3. Competitor Analysis:

    • Track mentions and reach of your competitors. Anomalies in their online activity may provide insights into their marketing strategies, product launches, or public perception, enabling you to adapt your own strategies accordingly.

  4. Product Launch Monitoring:

    • The Anomaly Detector can help you gauge its impact when launching a new product or feature. Unusual spikes in positive mentions might indicate successful reception, while unexpected negative spikes could signal issues that require immediate attention.

  5. Identifying Influencer Impact:

    • Analyze the impact of influencer collaborations by monitoring mentions during and after a campaign. Anomalies in engagement can help assess the effectiveness of influencer partnerships and guide future collaboration decisions.

Real-life example

Some time ago, the Barbie movie's popularity took an unexpected twist, marked by a substantial surge in reach and mentions on your chart. Rather than wading through a multitude of mentions from those specific days, the Anomaly Detector steps in with a clear-cut explanation. In this particular case, it unravels that the surge was a direct result of Barbie clinching awards at the prestigious Golden Globe event.


For whom?

This feature is available for all of our Enterprise customers! If you want to upgrade to Enterprise, click the button below!

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