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How to start?
How to start?

Here you’ll find all the necessary information about starting your projects and its settings!

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Can you provide a link to past changes in Facebook and Instagram API that influenced data collection process?
I linked my Instagram account with Facebook Page, but it is still unavailable during integration. What can I do?
Are there any limits for the number of hashtags I can track on Instagram?
Is it possible to collect paid or promoted posts?
Can I export Facebook and/or Instagram data as an Excel (CSV) file?
Can I use FB & IG data in my PDF reports?
How to start collecting Facebook & Instagram Data
Can I use a regular Instagram profile for integration?
What is an Instagram Business or Creator Account?
How to switch your Instagram account to a Business/Creator account
Is Facebook and Instagram data collected by Brand24 compliant with GDPR/RODO?
Why do some of your competitors offer additional Facebook or Instagram data.
Can I track mentions across Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories?
Why can I not access public mentions from personal Facebook profiles?
Can I collect mentions from Facebook Groups?
What type of Instagram data does Brand24 offer?
Why am I not seeing avatars for Facebook and Instagram mentions?
Brand24 missed a public mentions from Facebook or Instagram. Why is that?
Can I access stats such as number of likes, comments and shares for public posts collected via Brand24?
How does Brand24 collect Facebook and Instagram data?
What type of Facebook data does Brand24 offer?
How to Disconnect and Reconnect Brand24 with Facebook
Troubleshooting Facebook/Instagram Integration Issues with Brand24